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actoress, actors, alias, animated, animation, anime, art, banners, battlestar, battlestar galactica, brushes, coldplay, coloring, eric/godric, eric/sookie, fashion, greys anatomy, heroes, house, house/cameron, icons, john lennon, keanu reeves, keanu/sandra, keira knightley, layout, layouts, lost, movies, music, our lady peace, pink floyd, pirates of the carribean, pop culture, profile, quotes, resources, ryan reynolds, sandra bullock, sci-fi, scrubs, sg1, speed, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate universe: destiny, supernatural, syd/vaughn, sylar, text icons, textures, the beatles, the lake house, true blood, tutorials, tv, user info, wallpapers, will/elizabeth, zach braff
If you somehow found my little corner of insanity its probably because you came looking for some net-goodies.

This community will be updated fairly regularly when I am around.

It takes time and hard work to make graphics. Editing and/or claiming any arts as your own is stealing. Don't do it!
r u l e s
f a n a r t s
a f f i l i a t e
c r e d i t s
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renegadedesigns @ lj
renegadedesigns @ lj
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